Thinking Continental: Writing the Planet One Place at a Time


Co-edited with Susan Naramore Maher, Drucilla Wall, and O. Alan Weltzien

In response to the growing scale and complexity of environmental threats, this volume collects articles, essays, personal narratives, and poems by more than forty authors in conversation about “thinking continental”—connecting local and personal landscapes to universal systems and processes—to articulate the concept of a global or planetary citizenship.

-Reckoning with the larger matrix of biome, region, continent, hemisphere, ocean, and planet has become necessary as environmental challenges require the insights not only of scientists but also of poets, humanists, and social scientists. Thinking Continental braids together abstract approaches with strands of more-personal narrative and poetry, showing how our imaginations can encompass the planetary while also being true to our own concrete life experiences in the here and now


Landscapes: the Journal of the International Centre for Landscape and Language

"Through the interplay of the creative and the critical—in which both modes of ecological writing exist side by side, in exchange with one another—Thinking Continental presents a timely and distinct contribution to the blossoming of the environmental humanities." 

-John Charles Ryan

World Literature Today

"None can deny that we live in an age of incredible change. Thinking Continental: Writing the Planet One Place as a Time is an anthology of poetry, personal narratives, and critical essays that responds holistically to the unprecedented pressures on the environment today."  

-Greg Brown

© Tom Lynch 2015